10 Wine Instagram Accounts You Should Follow in 2018

Oh, Instagram – love or hate it, it remains that the majority of our phone-addicted generation are using it as a source of inspiration, content, stalking, and (sometimes) jealousy.

And it’s not all bad, because wine fans now have access to gobs of killer #wineporn and very high quality information from influencers who share wine reviews as well as absolutely stunning photos of bottles that cost more than your car. However, with so many active users, it’s not always easy to spot the best accounts to follow. Fortunately, I’m (yet again) there to save you the work!

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Parce qu’il y a pas juste des photos de bouffe sur Instagram… Eh non!

Here is the list of my 10 favorite Instagram wine influencers, along with a little blurb of my own to explain why I love them so much. Whether it is for the fact that I envy their life and/or knowledge, they all have something cool to share that makes them very fun and interesting to follow. Here they are in no specific order other than the one in which the inspiration strikes. Ready? Go!


1. Cristie Norman (@cristienorman_somm)

I see where you are and I'm here to help 😋 #winememes

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Cristie is one of the resident somms of Wolfgang Puck’s famous Spago Restaurant, located in Beverly Hills, California. As you can imagine, the majority of her stories are dominated by videos of absolutely insane #wineporn ordered by her patrons – and it seems that most of them are always down to slip her a glass or two! Besides her great professional circumstances, Cristie is very (very) active on her account, has a pretty cool t-shirt line, and seems to have the kind of energy to outwork any Energizer bunny that might come her. In short, you will not be bored on her feed, that’s a FACT!


2. The English Wine Guy (@the_english_wine_guy)

☝️Want a change in career? Why not try wine! If you have a passion in life, follow it! Love wine? What is stopping you from working in it… The opportunities are endless. DM, OR Let me know down below 👇 Here I am enjoying some blind tasting in the wonder Tuscan city of #Florence 🍷🍷 Sommelier! Want to become a "Somm"? You can train to be one with @isgsommelier  www.internationalsommelier.com for all the info…a multitude of courses and certifications & options ⚠️ Learn ONLINE, or in the CLASSROOM, with more countries being added all the time…USA, CHINA, BRAZIL, CANADA, INDIA.. Established in 1982 ⚠️ The main difference between this and something with WSET(wine spirits education Trust) is that IGS is hospitality based, & so focus on many more aspects of this MAGICAL ART in a truly PROFESSIONAL manner 🎓 Cuisine Alcohol & food pairing 🍷🍝 Service Wine management Investment Staff training And much more, many areas that are not covered in the more education (WSET) focused qualifications 👇 So, if you love wine, & want a BIG CHANGE in your life.. Something I did myself only a few months ago… Do yourselves a favour, & check out the courses offered by www.internationalsommelier.com 👇 Cheers! ❤️ #somm#wines#tasting#winetastings#winelovers#careerchange#ilovewine #winestagram#wino#blindtasting#sommeliers#wineworld#studygram#wineoclock#wineday#redwine🍷#wineschool #florenceitaly #winebar #degustation #vini #vinos #winenight #redwinelover #wineblog

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Bertie (his real name) is a wine influencer who started his Instagram account a little bit after me, and with quite a lot of success since his start. Quite classic in his approach, he shares wine tasting notes almost every day, while adding his personal touch and fine British humor to everything he does. His extremely filtered and retouched photos are a bit of an acquired taste, but his content is always top notch. Oh, and he often does some really cool contests and giveaways with Coravin, Vivino and others.


3. Terroir Matters (@terroir_matters)

When two titans of the IG Wine World meet, you know incredible wines will be poured. Coincidentally, @hungry.md and @hansc008 both brought Mouton-Rothschild! HungryMD brought the historic ‘73 – the first vintage with Mouton’s elevated First Growth status. Apropos, it features a #Picasso, originally drawn in 1950’s and in Mouton’s museum, but unfortunately, he passed prior to this release. Hans brought a classic ‘98 vintage. Art by Rufino Tamayo, one of the most influential Mexican artists of the 20th Century. An original artwork drawn just for Mouton entitled “Brindis,” depicts a man proposing a toast, under a glowing sun, evoking emotions of raw desire. Truly a memorable evening!! . . . #moutonrothschild #cultwine #bordeaux #bordeauxwine #🍷 #🇫🇷 #vin #vinrouge #party #dinner #vinorosso #wines #wine #winetime #cheers #dinner #wein #vino #redwine #wino #yum #🥂#winestagram #winelover #wineporn #wineart #art #cabernet #instawine

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A somewhat surreal account that often just boggles one’s mind. Member of the fabled #lawinecru (still waiting on my invite, guys btw), Terroir Matters does tasting notes and top quality photographs of hyper prestigious wine that amaze me just as much as they make me completely fracking sick with jealousy. I mean, the guy drank some ’82 Petrus about a week ago and I nearly threw my phone against the wall. As if that were not enough, his photos are absolutely gorgeous and his tasting notes are sharp and too the point without ever sounding snoothy or pretentious. One of my favorite IG accounts in any category and an absolute MUST follow.


4. Benoît Lefèvre (@vino2travel)

Domaine du Nival @domainedunival has commercialized its first cuvées in 2015. Located in Saint-Louis in Quebec (one hour drive from Montreal), it is run by Denis (father) and Matthieu (son) Beauchemin. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The vineyard is planted with 2.7 hectares of 🍇pinot noir, 🍇gamaret, 🍇vidal, 🍇petite arvine and 🍇albariño. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Cuvée Les entêtés is a blend of pinot noir with a bit of vidal (hybrid white grape). Very pale color. Beautiful nose of wild strawberries 🍓 rhubarb and 🍊orange peel. Refreshing wine with a bright acidity. Easy to drink with 10,2% of alcohol 😃 The ideal 🍷red wine🍷 for a crazy hot day like today! 👍 Un vrai vin de plaisir! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #redwine #vinquebec #nival #pinotnoir #winelovers #vidal #wine #vino #vin #winelover #wines #vins #vinsnordiques #sommelier #vinrouge #tasting #ワイン #вино́ #instawine #winetasting #winetastings #wineoclock #instavino #winenight #酒 #winesofinstagram

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Ben is not only one of the most influential wine influencers in the WORLD, he’s also a good guy from our very own Montreal! His photos are always top notch , and his tasting notes are always short and to the point, making him an excellent blogger to read daily. Although all this is already worth following him, it is really through his wine-themed travel photos and reviews that he really stands out, as he has gobs of cool travel tips and spots to look for. This is the kind of account you should NOT follow if you fear being struck by unresistable wanderlust on a Wednesday night!


5. Joanie Métivier (@joaniemetivier)

Sommelier at Le Cellier du Roi and blogger superstar, Joanie is another top influencer from our very own Quebec who radiates our beautiful province to the 4 corners of the globe. If you are the least active on social media and you are interested in wine, chances are you already know Joanie. With her 51K followers, let’s say the lady doesn’t go unnoticed often these days! Very active on the Montreal scene, she posts a lot of very interesting historical content and does very little in classical tasting notes, which gives her a particular niche edge that has surely helped her (very) great popularity!


6.  Alex et sa bouteille (@montreal.effervescentia)

Alex is a new kid on the block who has being quietly trying to make his place in the rather crowded space of wine influencers in the last few months, and I must say that it seems pretty good (for the little that I know, huh) . He specializes in bubbles (especially Cavas) and his critics are always relevant and well thought about. I guess I’d like him to write a bit more in French, but there is nothing perfect in life, is it? 😉


7. Mike Beauchamp (@mikebo)

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For the inner circle of wine in Quebec, Mike is a bit like the Big Daddy who runs the game in the background. Wine advisor at the SAQ Beaubien by day and co-founder of the very cool line of T-shirts Gaminets sans souffre de soir, this guy is clearly a first class straight shooter, and you’ll always know what he really thinks of whatever he’s talking about. He also posts cool travel diaries and has a very modern photographic style that I tend to enjoy quite a bit. Also be sure to follow the hashtag #onachetecaalacaisse (which translates to “#buyitbythecase”), because when the man says it, he means it.


8. Patrick Ayotte (@dansmonverre)

I may be in a bit of a conflict of interest as he is a good friend of mine, but the fact remains that this blogger’s IG feed and master taster behind the excellent wine blog  Dans mon verre is clearly worth follower. Pat has great, in-depth reviews of wines and beers from a meticulous selection that includes a lot of very rare stuff, and his very straightforward, easy-to-read style makes him even more fun to follow. He’s on a little summer break from blogging this summer, but I’m 100% sure he’ll come back with a vengeance in the fall, so just click on “Follow” right now!


9. Madeline Puckette (@winefolly)

If you want to learn about wine without ever knocking your head against the wall and/or try too hard, Madeline’s Instagram account (as well as her incredible blog) is clearly THE place or learn more about vino while chilling on your phone. Her content is undoubtedly among the best on the web, and her great talents as an artist and designer make her capable of illustrating super complex realities very simply and with a lot of flair. I tell you, this gal’s got a superpower. For what it’s worth, she was also one of the main inspirations leading me to start this humble blog of mine, so if you like to hang around here, it’s a little because of her!


10. Vanya Filipovici (@vindamejeanne)

If you fancy a natural wine and/or off-the-beaten-path stuff in general, the IG feed of Joe Beef‘s sommelier and co-owner of Montreal’s Vin Papillon will surely have something to hold your attention. Not only is Vanya (IMHO) one of the most talented summits in the province, she’s also a truly passionate individual who doesn’t stop at just wine, but always goes further by focusing on people and places that made it. Her Instagram account includes a lot of curiosities and rare stuff (especially natural wines), and her taste for authenticity makes her as natural in her posts as the wines she loves!

Here! So that concludes this little top 10 of influencers and wine personality I recommend you to follow in 2018! Obviously, I probably forgot many other accounts that are worth checking out, so do not hesitate to suggest your favs in the comment section!

Oh, and I also of course recommend you follow yours truly to be kept up to date as to what’s going on in the wine world and/or what I’m sipping on at the moment. As you will see, my feed is a bit of a logical continuation of this blog, but updated (even) more often. All right, cheers guys!

What is your favorite Northern Rhone appellation? . OK – I'd obviously be lying if I said I preferred Crozes over St-Joseph or Hermitage, but I still really like the value you can get from Crozes in the 20-30$ range. This one was very closed at first, and THANK god I had my vSpin from @openyourwine to kick it out of its shell. 5 minutes spinning and TADAH: full of pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and overripe cherries singing around chewy tannins and a significantly longuer finish length. Overall turned up to be a very decent BBQ wine! . Quelle est ton appellation du Rhône Nord préférée? . Bon, je te mentirais si je te disais que je préfères les Crozes aux St-Joseph et Hermitage de ce monde, mais il reste que c'est une excellente façon de découvrir la région pour pas trop cher. Celui-là était super fermé au départ, mais il a commencé à popper de belles notes poivrée et cannellée de cerises très mûres après 5 minutes dans le vSpin de @opemyourwine . Une chance que j'avais la patente à portée de main cependant, car ça aurait pu être une sérieux miss. À carafer, donc! Cheers! . Ah! Et la critique est dans le LIEN DANS MA BIO! . #cotesdurhone #bbqwine #winenight #crozeshermitage #syrah #pepperkick #winenot #winemaker #winelover #wineday #wineglasses #winecountry #rhonevalley #winelife #winebottle #winetasting #wineporn #winecellar #prilaga #winebar #wine #wineglass #winepairing #winelovers #winegeek #vspin #winestagram #wineanddine #openyourwine

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