About me

Hey guys. My name’s Joe, and I f*cking love wine.

After several years working in wine shop, a quick stint as a restaurant somm and a fair while giving conferences and masterclasses, I wanted to create an educational blog where millenials from around the world could learn about wine without getting bored, snobbed, or just feel lost by the amount of intel thrown at them.

As everybody knows, food is hotter now than ever before, and it has now become a feat to spend more than 3 minutes watching TV without seeing a tattooed chef trying to have you dice something, and I bet most of you have a hard time dealing with that one friend who simply can’t shut up talking about that fricking Chef’s Table Netflix show (which is great, btw.)

Yet even if you, my faithful millennial comrades, enjoy the thrill of looking for life’s ultimate avocado toast, my heart breaks every time I see one of you order a bottle of tasteless bloody Pinot Grigio to pair with your trendy-bowl-of-ramen-you-lined-for-hours-in-a-dodgy-basement to get.

I already feel your blood pressure rising. Oh no. I said it. I called a wine “tasteless”. I know that already 80% of you – my soon-to-be regular readers – have already categorized me as a snotty SOB – and I think it’s a crying shame… and not not just for my poor ego (!)

No, more because you guys are leaving an integral part of foodie culture behind. Of course, all this could change. Nay, it shall change (cue epic music). And that is precisely why I’m here today.

I want to talk about wine as I live it – simply, without fluff or artifice, and in the same way your best bud’ likes to tell you about his favorite pizza joint. I want to teach you the intel you need to impress that hot date of yours and prevent the cold sweats when a dude wearing white gloves presents you a wine list. More than anything, I want to help you indulge in one of life’s richest culinary and cultural experience. In short, I want to help you to make you happy. Pretty compelling said like that, isn’t it?

You’ll therefore see me around throwing all that information, tips, tricks, and tasting notes for free – just like that. Think that’ll be fun? You bet it will, buddy. For instance,  did you know Pouilly-Fuissé and Pouilly Fumé have as much in common as the Michelle Williams from Dawson’s Creek and the one from Destiny’s Child?)

Just thought I’d leave you with that one. See you on here as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Stay #anti, people!

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