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Joe Raisin’s blog is a 100% independent website dedicated to sharing the joy of the wine in a simple, accessible and fun manner. The articles reflect the opinion and personal individual tastes of the author of each article, without any endorsement whatsoever from the administrator. Authors and content generators of reserve their rights to comment on the actions of any business entity including collaborators.


You’d like to be a content collaborator on It always makes me happy to give visibility to young writers, photographers, and other content creators who fit with JoeRaisin’s editoral policy and mission. Write me an e-mail to send me your work samples, ideas and suggestions and we’ll see what we can do 🙂 !


Please contact me by e-mail for any invitation and/or to provide me with samples. Unless agreed otherwise with the administrator, the products will be considered gifts, and will therefore become the sole property’s administrator upon receipt. Furthermore, those invitations or samples should in no way be considered due consideration and/or guarantor of any visibility on the present website. Unless a specific written agreement to the contrary is signed to this effect, Joe Raisin reserves its sole and absolute discretion to talk about any product transmitted to him, positively or negatively, without any limit to the content or nature of said endorsement, if applicable.

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