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Jau Sauvignon Gros Manseng

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Jau Sauvignon Gros Manseng – $12,95. Lemonade.

2 out of 5 stars

Say what we want, it always feels harder to find good sub-$15 white wine than red. I must say I have trouble explaining why, even though I think that the fact that white wines are a little more “pure” in their expression because they do not have as much structure to hide behind just might make us notice their flaws a bit more. Still, being generally a fan of Gascony wines in terms of cheap whites, I was pretty excited to taste this newcomer to the SAQ, and I think I got what I paid for, which was nothing spectacular to start with. On the nose, this is very New World Sauvignon Blanc in style, with hints of under ripe lemons, fresh cut grass, and aloe (!) On the palate, this is very  lively, potentially a bit too much, and the fruit just fails to rebalance this big acidity that is almost more lemonade than wine. Now, I don’t know if I feel like this because I taste the wine in the middle of this never ending Canadian winter, but I can surely imagine that I’d enjoy this more on a terrace somewhere and/or by the poolside… Oh, and even then it’s not a bad buy at all for $13, so I suggest you pick up a bottle just to see how you feel about it, y’know.

 SAQ Link: Jau Sauvignon Gros Manseng – $12,95.

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