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Prunotto Occhetti Nebbiolo d’Alba 2014

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Prunotto Occhetti Nebbiolo d’Alba 2014 – $24,95. Truffe et RQP.

3 out of 5 stars

I generally enjoy Occhetti as a producer, and it’s always with a lot of anticipation that I try their products. I must say that I really was not disappointed with this one, and it turns out this just might be one of the best B4B you can find in Italy these days. Menthol on the nose, with a side of near-burned jam (sounds overly specific, I know, but try it and tell me if you feel me!) Things move on and you get a whiff of alcohol, truffles and kinda cheap industrial chocolate, but trust me, all of this makes up something quite inviting! On the palate, a small medicinal note quickly dissipates to make way for a rather jammy red fruit tinge that is still very crunchy anyway, as if you had soaked strawberries in brown sugar. A touch of smoke and vanilla also showcases the barrel aging, and everything is very tastefully done on that front. Acidity is nicely preserved, tannins are just present enough, and the wine just gives a super bright and sunny vibe overall. Some beautiful stuff that is full of character coming out of that bottle.

SAQ Link: Prunotto Occhetti Nebbiolo d’Alba 2014 – $24,95. 3 out of 5 stars

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